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At the Studio

Get into the spirit of giving with the very first SFX Swap!

Don't you just love it when you get a new batch of cool sound effects?

And what could be better than sharing some of your own work with a group of like-minded audio colleagues?

You're in luck!


Because we're combining both of these great feelings into one sweet, sonically-pleasing package!

SFX Swap Logo Blue.png

The idea is simple:


  1. Upload a sound of your own creation that you are legally allowed to share with others (see FAQ).

  2. Wait until the submission period is over.

  3. Receive a massive bundle of sounds from everyone that participated!

As if this wasn't cool enough, we've also sweetened the deal by partnering with some top sound effect creators

Participants in the latest SFX Swap received the following:


  • 70+ Glitchy UI & Sci-fi sounds from Airwiggles founders, Greg Lester and Lewis Thompson


The submission period is open every month from the 1st until the 7th, 12:00 PM CET.

It doesn't get any easier than this so if you are ready to share your sound with this community and get rewarded with a huge pack of sounds in return, click the button below to get started!

The next SFX Swap is coming in...

  • What kind of sound can I upload?
    Any sound you like! What's important is that... You are the sole creator of the sound (i.e. you didn't use any library sounds or content that you don't own the rights to) You are legally allowed to share your sound with others You agree to grant the other participants permission to use your submission in their work Apart from that, whether you share a forest ambience you recorded near your home or a highly-designed sci-fi weapon sound is up to you!
  • Who will receive access to my sound?
    As stated in the general description of this project, the sound you upload will be shared with everyone who participates. At the end of the week, all participants will receive a download link of all the sounds submitted to use in their commercial and/or non-commercial work. The files collected in the SFX Swap will not be shared with or shown to anyone else.
  • Can I upload multiple sounds?
    That's very generous of you and you're welcome to do that if you like. Understand that you will still receive the same bundle of user submissions as everyone else at the end of the week, no matter how much you share yourself. P.S. If this swap is successful, we will probably do more in the future so maybe don't upload everything you've got the first time around. :)
  • Are there any file type or naming considerations I need to follow?
    As with all audio work, it's in everyone's best interest to receive files of the highest quality. We suggest you upload WAV files with at least a sample rate of 48kHz and a bit rate of 24Bit. Please no mp3s or other lossy compressed files! Naming your sounds well helps other sound designers to easily integrate them into their workflow. There is no naming convention that you must follow to share your sounds here but we highly recommend the Universal Category System (UCS).
  • What about legal stuff?
    You are not giving up any rights to the sounds you upload. You are still the sole owner of your sound just as other participants are still the sole owners of their sounds. During the upload you will tick a box agreeing to grant all recipients of your uploaded sound (i.e. the other participants) a license to use your sound effect in commercial and/or non-commercial work as if it were a sound effect they bought from a standard SFX provider.
  • Still have questions?
    If you still have any questions, please send them via the contact form.
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